Mateusz Najdek

Web developer

About Me
Since childhood, I've been fascinated by technology and programming. It's a passion that's stuck with me through the years and continues to drive me forward. With a natural curiosity and a love for problem-solving, I'm always eager to explore new developments in the tech world and apply my skills to create innovative solutions.


Frontend Dev.
Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with experience in modern frameworks such as React/Next.js. Skilled in crafting responsive and visually appealing web interfaces.
Familiar with PHP for backend development, capable of implementing basic functionalities and integrating with frontend technologies.
Experience with MySQL for database management in web development projects, with a basic understanding of database design and querying.
Familiarity with VB.NET for developing Windows applications, primarily utilized in my business project for graphic design management.
Over 10 years of experience using Git. Initially used GitHub for storing device repositories for custom Android ROM compilation. Now storing majority of my code on it.
Utilized Allegro's REST API to manage orders and automate processes in my business.
Got familiar with Docker by hosting various services on my home media server, although haven't used it in development yet.
Experience with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), primarily for hosting virtual private servers (VPS).
Graphic Design
Extensive experience with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Used these tools for designing a wide range of projects including t-shirts, mugs, logos, brochures, and more.